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Minsk Gay Pride march banned


As we report on past friday, Minsk city executive committee banned a march of the Minsk Gay Pride.

Minsk city executive committee refused to allow a march of the Minsk Gay Pride on Academician’s Krasin Street in the township "Sosny" despite the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he is not against the gay pride somewhere on the outskirts of the city, tells organizers.

Applicants of the procession of the Minsk Pride received a response from the Minsk city executive committee which reported that the march "is not permitted." A letter signed by the chief ideologist of Minsk - the deputy chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee Karpenko Igor Vasilyevich.

Despite the fact that the claimed route marches ran away from the center in a sparsely populated place, city officials think that the public action of the LGBT community should be banned as an event planned for less than 50 meters from the territory of the organizations providing life activity of the population.

In addition, the Executive Committee felt that the holding of this rally will interfere with the movement of pedestrians and even traffic.

"I consider the banning of the march of the Minsk Pride to be discriminating and oppressive. It is visible by the justification of the ban of our march.

We have specifically applied for a parade not in the city center to show the world and Belarusians all the absurd and authoritarian the Belarusian political system, "- commented the chairman of the organizing committee of Minsk Pride Siarhei Androsenka.

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